Susana is a teacher by profession. Her spirit leads her to always keep on learning …"learning never finishes because there is always something new"… and in this way, through studying, constantly improves her knowledge and teaching skills.

Susana is a Body Expression Teacher, formed in Patricia Stokoe’s School in Buenos Aires. She has created her own Creativity School Project, developing its practice through the Creativity Workshops Program for the Cultural Centers organized by the City of Buenos Aires Government, as its Director and Coordinator.

She studied anatomy and mechanics of the movement with Prof. Afredo Gurkel in Buenos Aires.

She practiced Modern Dance with Freddy Romero.

She studied at the Buenos Aires Tango University.

  • Pichon Rivière´s Social Psycology School.
  • Buenos Aires Tango University
  • “Abordaje Terapéutico a través del Cuerpo y de la Voz” Universidad del Salvador. (Curso de Postgrado), Bs.As.
  • Técnica Dalcroze. Pedagogía Musical. (P. Cernik), Bs.As.
  • Eutonía. (Susana Kesselman), en Bs.As.
  • Contac Improvisación. (Andrea Fernández), en Bs.As.

Susana combined her knowledge of creativity, physiology and functional movement with the music, (specially tango), into a personal expression through the dance.

Susana y Pablo Tango - Buenos Aires - Argentina